Fresh Bite

Farmer’s Market Bounty

We like to play the rainbow game at the farmer’s market.  Not hard to play — you just make sure you choose one fruit or vegetable from each of the 6 colors of the rainbow.  It’s the best tool I have for getting the kids excited about choosing and then eating the produce we buy.  I’ll confess, we did not get anything blue this trip.  It is the hardest color and we usually stick with blueberries — which aren’t even blue, but what are you gonna do?

Knowing that my diet would consist of a huge amount of produce, I went a bit crazy with my shopping.  I am so happy to see that local strawberries have returned (I love living near the epicenter of the country’s strawberry mecca).  I was also delighted by the huge selection that was available this week.  I came home with beets, brussels sprouts, tangerines, carrots, lettuce, fennel, potatoes, an artichoke, mushrooms and some grass-fed beef and pork.  I’ll confess, I’m very good at buying produce, but I’m even better at throwing it away after it goes bad in the fridge.  So, once home, I immediately came up with some dinner ideas to actually use the stuff I bought.  First thought, veggie pizza for dinner!

Food Eaten, 1/30/10:

Breakfast:  Barbara’s Puffins Cinnamon Cereal (I thought this was organic — it’s not)
Lunch:  Spring Mix Salad with chicken, beets, blue cheese, walnuts & vinaigrette
Dinner:  Pizza (homemade dough) with fresh mozzarella, farmer’s market tomatoes & mushroom
After Dinner Snack:  very small piece of cake (homemade, no frosting); sorry, I was hungry and everything else seemed like a worse option at the time


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