Fresh Bite

Mushroom Omelette

Normal meal planning for me involves choosing recipes and then shopping for the specific ingredients.  But, I’m now trying to shop what for looks fresh and delicious and then use what I find as inspiration.  My haul of fresh produce from the farmer’s market included a nice bag of mushrooms that I couldn’t wait to use.

One of the greatest meal ideas that easily incorporates fresh vegetables is the old stand-by, the omelette.  Once it was in my head, I knew we’d be having mushroom and cheese omelettes.  Having said that, I must confess I’m not the hugest omelette fan.  I much prefer a good *scramble* over an omelette.  But, it felt very French and more dinner-like to to fold over my eggs, rather than scramble ’em up.  I won’t give you the exact recipe as I believe omelette making is a very personal experience.  However, I will let you know that I sauteed the mushrooms with garlic and butter before adding them to the pan and completely dousing them in cheddar cheese.

That lovely morsel to the left of omelette came from the homemade loaf below.  I’ve been pretty good about making bread using the “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” book.  Very tasty and a great money-saver.


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